How much do you know about juuling?

Juuling, or vaping, is the inhalation of nicotine through an electronic device. Throughout 2018, juuling rates increased dramatically. Teens are attracted to these devices because of their discreet use and fruity flavors.

It is often assumed that it’s “just water vapor”, however it is actually an aerosol, containing microscopic chemicals. These chemicals are known to damage a person’s health. One of the many chemicals inhaled is nicotine, which is one of the most addictive substances in the world. This is causing our youth and teens to become addicted to nicotine sooner than ever before, putting them at higher risk for substance use later in life.

Check out these links with the teens in your life!

  1. Is juuling part of your school culture?
  2. Do you actually know what you are juuling?
  3. Have you wondered about how juuling is affecting you?