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Greene County Transportation Needs Assessment

In cooperation with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), this Transportation Needs Assessment was commissioned by the Greene County Legislature to address growing concern about escalating costs of transportation as well as concern about public transit and human service agency client transportation services available to residents of Greene County. Changing demographics, ranging from new employment opportunities in the developing northern portion of the County, significant out migration of Greene County residents for employment, the growing need to travel to adjoining counties, aging of the population and increased numbers of persons with disabilities now living independently in the community, are all contributing to the need for more efficient public transportation services. Additionally, rising gasoline prices amidst stagnating economic conditions in the region are making it increasingly difficult to depend singularly on driving.

The study was undertaken by consultants selected and overseen by the Greene County Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Planning. Understanding the close proximity of Columbia County to Greene County and the transportation needs of the residents of both the counties, the Greene County Legislature also commissioned this study in cooperation with Columbia County. The Rip Van Winkle Bridge is an important transportation asset and is used daily by the residents of both counties for work, shopping and medical services. Both counties simultaneously performed the development of individual Transportation Needs Assessments using the same consultant team. At numerous points throughout the study the respective Economic Development and Planning Departments met to discuss opportunities to coordinate service, and explore opportunities for consolidated services with the goal of reducing costs through efficiencies of scale.

Transportation Needs Assessment, Executive Summary
Transportation Needs Assessment, Draft Final Plan
Transportation Needs Assessment, Appendices
Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation Services