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ONLY Town of Cairo Property Owners – The 2020 County/Town tax bills have been processed and mailed.  All tax rates, tax calculation and amounts due are stated CORRECTLY on the bills.

Two (2) informational items included on your 2020 County/Town tax bill are shown incorrectly.  The informational items DO NOT affect the tax rates, tax calculations or AMOUNTS DUE.  The informational items shown on the bill should have been as follows:

  • County ‘Total Tax Levy’ 27,309,370 and ‘% Change Prior Year’ is 1.7
  • Cairo Fire District, ‘Total Tax Levy’ 484,909 and the ‘% Change Prior Year’ is 2.6

We apologize for any inconvenience or concerns this may have caused.


The RPTS Department is here to serve you, ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.  Our staff has a broad range of knowledge and experience, and are pleased to share with you the many resources our department offers.

Greene County Real Property Tax Services provides a wide range of services, from basic assessment and exemption assistance, to complex tax analysis for the county, towns, villages and school districts in Greene County.

Some of the specific services we provide are:

  • Property assessments, inventory, maps and Assessment Roll information which can be found on our partner website SDG Image Mate online.
  • Countywide coordination and direction of assessment activities.
  • County, town, special district, village and school tax consultation.
  • Computation of tax rates
  • Preparation of assessment rolls, tax rolls, tax bills and related reports.
  • Investigations of tax bill errors and recommendations for corrections.
  • Training of assessors, Boards of Assessment Review and other municipal officials.


Geographic Information Services (GIS)

The GIS Department coordinates all geographic services for the County’s Departments. Including;

  • Maintaining the Tax parcel geodatabases for Real Property Tax Services.
  • Creating & maintaining the Street Centerline & Address geodatabases.
  • Creating & maintaining the Emergency Services geodatabases.
  • Maintaining the Greene County’s Interactive Web Map. Displaying such layers as Tax Parcel Boundaries, Municipal Boundaries, Fire & School Districts, Wetlands, Flood Zones and the latest NYS Imagery for the area.
  • Geospatial analysis to assist the County’s planning efforts.
  • Map production for County Departments.
  • Developing mapping applications to assist County department activities.

If you have any questions or require assistance in any real property tax matter, please contact us.

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